One of the most valuable assets in a church sanctuary is the wooden pews. These seats hold clergy, church members, guests, and other individuals throughout traditional services and special meetings. Therefore, the benches must be well maintained and cleaned regularly. Below are some good strategies to use if you want to keep your church’s pews in excellent condition.

Conduct Research

Before using cleaning supplies, learn more about your wooden pews to avoid choosing the wrong products and performing incorrect maintenance or cleaning steps. During the research process, you should look for the correct oils or soaps to use, if any, and how often to use them. Some pews have different finishes, making their cleaning processes different.

A reputable janitorial company will take the time to research the type of wood your pews are made of and develop the best cleaning strategies for them. When they hire professional cleaners to provide church cleaning services san diego places of worship can keep their wooden seats in excellent shape and focus on other church responsibilities and activities.

Remove Stains Quickly

When pews change colors due to staining, it can be seen as beautiful. However, the natural wood effect could carry colorless bacteria that harm your congregation. Therefore, you should always pay attention to any stains that occur on the pews. Failing to remove these stains could lead to other issues, such as increasing the need to replace the wooden pews altogether. Professional cleaners understand what mixtures to use and how to apply them to the stains quickly and efficiently, keeping the seats in good shape and removing germs.

Sanitize Regularly

Compared to other seats, wooden pews generally transport germs and dirt faster than most furniture, so you must disinfect the benches regularly and adequately. Seats with upholstery may gather bacteria without you noticing it, meaning viruses and other illnesses can spread quickly if the seats go uncleaned.

The type of service being conducted also plays a role. For example, during traditional services, as opposed to weddings or funerals, more people typically gather and sit for extended periods, increasing the odds of spreading germs. Typical sanitization steps include using damp cleaning rags, dish soap, vinegar, and water. However, this will vary with each wooden product.

Do Weekly Dusting

Dusting the wooden pews weekly is as essential as using disinfecting cleaning supplies. It’s best to use a damp sponge or towel and antibacterial wipes to clean those hard-to-reach areas. Even if you clean weekly, there are spots you’ll likely miss, which is why hiring a commercial janitorial services san diego is the way to go.

In addition to dusting the wooden pews, it’s necessary to remove papers, programs, tissues, paper towels, and other items that could spread bacteria and germs on the seats, whether those items are below the pews or directly on the benches. You should also vacuum and sweep under the pews to prevent dirt and viruses from spreading. 

With the services of commercial cleaning companies san diego churches can ensure clean environments where their members can gather in comfort. Whether your church needs regular pew maintenance or disinfecting services, One Source will be your single point of contact, coordinating all the details involved to make sure you receive the services of an outstanding church maintenance contractor you can trust to ensure your church is always up to the task of serving the community. Call us today at (858) 260-1090 to learn how we can make sure you receive the ongoing high-quality maintenance services you and your congregation deserve.