Blood, sweat, tears — at the gym, people tend to take this literally. As a gym owner or employee, that means you have to be vigilant about cleaning and sanitation to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. At One Source, we know cleanliness is vital to your longevity. That’s why we serve as your connection to the best gym cleaning services in San Diego.

Your Point of Contact for Fitness Center Cleaning Services

One Source is your sole point of contact for any cleaning and maintenance needs your commercial property has. From disinfection services to maintenance and repairs, One Source will outsource your needs to San Diego’s top professionals. Throughout our 15+ years of being the highest-rated janitorial service in San Diego, we’ve developed connections with top-rated companies that have proven records and the licensing and certifications to back them up.

Even after you hire us, we’ll stay in constant communication with you to ensure a job well done. We’ll give you regular updates about your service through email, text or phone and ask for feedback so we can do better every time we work with you.

Office Carpet Commercial Maintenance Services

The carpets at your office are more than just a flooring system—they’re also an investment. With a complete office carpet care management plan coordinated by One Source, you can protect that investment, potentially extending carpet life spans at your building by several years. Every year, you can forgo carpet replacement and save tens of thousands of dollars that you can choose to invest elsewhere.

Office Restroom Commercial Maintenance Services

There’s nothing in an office that gets messier and dirtier than the bathrooms. We will source, screen, and maintain every aspect of the relationship with a commercial restroom maintenance contractor who will clean your office’s bathrooms from top to bottom every time they visit your facility. They will keep porcelain sparkling, chrome shining, and soap dispensers filled, all while thoroughly and disinfecting surfaces to eliminate odors and grime.

Office Day Porter Services

If your office’s restrooms require more than daily commercial maintenance, we can create a managed plan that includes dedicated day porter services designed to provide a higher level of service throughout the day. A day porter acts much like an internal employee, vacuuming, cleaning up messes, restocking bathrooms, and wiping down touchpoints during the workday so you don’t have to wait until the next morning to enjoy a cleaner office space.

Gym and fitness Cleaning Services

Find Solutions to All Your Cleaning Needs

Whether you need services for a one-time event or daily cleaning support from focused professionals, One Source will send the right company for the job. Our gym and fitness center clients frequently request these services from our options:

  • Equipment disinfection: Our disinfection companies know how to remove sweat, bacteria, germs and other contaminants simultaneously, preventing cross-contamination on equipment, in bathrooms and around other high-touch locations.
  • Gym floor cleaning: With people running, jumping and moving across your floors all day, it’s essential that they’re clean and clear of hazards. Our partners’ deep cleaning services remove deep-set, built-up grime on hard floors and carpets, ensuring guests can get the friction they need.
  • Janitorial services: Maybe your facility only needs specialized cleaning services once a week, or perhaps you require them every day. Either way, One Source will send a janitorial team who can work with your schedule and keep your space spotless.
  • Deep maintenance: Gyms pose unique challenges to maintaining health and safety. Even with regular cleaning, your facility can build up grime and odors over time that are hard to get rid of. Our deep maintenance services combat those issues through intense disinfection, odor elimination and decontamination practices.

The Benefits of One Source

Our commitment to quality and consistency sets us apart. When we send a cleaning team your way, you can rest assured they are the best of the best, and their services have already met our high standards and will continue doing so during every appointment. If they don’t, all you have to do is let us know, and we’ll discontinue their services and replace them with cleaners who will.

We strive to make requesting services as simple as possible. Just tell us what you need and when you need it, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Gym and fitness Maintenance Services

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From the lobby floor to the locker rooms, every part of your fitness center encounters sweat, body odor and more. Let One Source handle all your fitness center cleaning services so your staff and clients can feel comfortable in your space. Request a free quote or contact us and learn more today.

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