Hard floors are ideal for commercial businesses because they’re less likely to harbor dirt and bacteria compared to carpet. While you’ll be able to enjoy a more sanitary business environment with hard floors, it’s important to know that cleaning wood, tile, concrete, and other commercial flooring materials does require some special techniques. Keep reading as the pros at One Source, the experts in commercial cleaning services San Diego businesses and organizations trust to coordinate cleaning services that meet all their needs, offer these tips to keep your commercial flooring in top condition.

Sweep & Vacuum Up Surface Debris Daily

Daily maintenance is critical in parts of the building that have high levels of traffic. You can prevent dirt from being tracked too far by placing walk-off mats at the main entrances and exits. Then you’ll want to appoint a member of your janitorial team or hire professional overnight cleaners to sweep and vacuum the dirt that does make its way onto the floors. This not only makes deep cleaning easier, but it also prevents abrasive debris from scratching the flooring.

Consider the Flooring Material when Planning

Commercial flooring is more durable than the materials used in residential homes, but some materials are stronger than others. Hardwood floors are beautiful, and they tend to give businesses a traditional, cozy feel that’s perfect for offices, boutiques, and other commercial spaces. However, you’ll want to be cautious not to scratch the surface as you clean or strip off the sealant. Always use a microfiber mop when you clean hardwood and other delicate flooring materials.

Choose a Neutral Cleaning Solution

Vinyl tile, hardwood, and other commercial flooring may also have special sealants on the surface that keep them shiny and bright. For this reason, you’ll want to use a neutral cleaning solution that doesn’t contain any caustic materials.

Commercial cleaning solutions come in a variety of different types designed for specific purposes and materials. For instance, a medical clinic will need to use cleaning solutions designed to sanitize the surface. Meanwhile, you might only need a basic cleaning solution for tile in a lawyer’s office. When in doubt, consult with a professional cleaner to avoid making a mistake that could damage the flooring.

Avoid Allowing Flooring Materials to Stay Wet

One of the biggest mistakes people make with cleaning commercial flooring is using too much liquid. Even plain water can damage certain types of floors if it’s allowed to sit in a puddle on the surface. Always use as little cleaning solution as possible to get the job done, and consider going back over the finished flooring with a dry mop to eliminate the risk of water damage.

Recruit Assistance from Professional Cleaners

Establishing an effective cleaning routine requires knowledge of the flooring type along with the best practices for your type of commercial business. Professional cleaners are experienced in caring for all commercial flooring types, which makes it easy to keep them in pristine condition. Even if you have a team member handle the daily maintenance, it’s still helpful to have professionals on hand who can handle deep cleaning tasks that include sanitizing, waxing, and buffing the surfaces to leave them sparkling clean.

Because the professionals at One Source specialize in commercial office maintenance, we understand the specific pain points for office managers, business owners, and professionals. We’ve been in the business of coordinating office cleaning services San Diego businesses have relied on for years. At One Source, we’re committed to being the last and only commercial office maintenance company you’ll ever need in San Diego. To discover the difference we make, call us today to schedule a consultation and receive a free estimate within 24 hours.