Many students spend as much time at school as they do at home, and making it a clean and welcoming place is the first step in ensuring they actually want to be there. One Source organizes the cleaning and maintenance services for more than 70 schools and school districts in the San Diego area, and our staff is ready to add yours to our roster.

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School Cleaning on Your Schedule

Whether you’re seeking a one-time job after a big event or need daily school cleaning services, One Source can find the solution for you. We maintain working relationships with dozens of the best cleaning companies in San Diego and communicate regularly with them and you throughout your contract.

You can reach us at any point through phone calls, emails or texts to discuss your services, and we’ll make sure your cleaners meet your needs and preferences with precision and efficiency — every single time. Our schedules are flexible, allowing us to work around yours whenever you request us.

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What Can Our School Cleaners Do?

The founders of One Source chose our name because we’re your one source for any and all commercial cleaning and maintenance needs, including:

  • Janitorial services: From emptying trash cans to cleaning bathrooms and classrooms, our janitorial teams will take care of every inch of your school. Our school cleaning company will come in at the end of each day and ensure everything is spotless and germ-free before the students return.
  • Disinfection: All it takes is one sick child to infect the rest of them. One Source’s service professionals do their best to prevent this through comprehensive disinfection of high-touchpoint areas like door handles, desks and sinks, limiting the transmission of bacteria and viruses.
  • Floor cleaning: Every day, hundreds or even thousands of people walk through your halls. Our floor cleaning services will help you keep carpet and hard floors pristine day after day, preventing spills and debris from posing a hazard.
  • Commercial maintenance: You know it, and so do we — if there are hazardous conditions, the kids will find them. That’s why we only send the highest-rated, most experienced maintenance teams to your school or school district. We prioritize site safety so your students can continue confidently exploring the halls and classrooms.

The One Source Advantage

At One Source, we strive to set ourselves apart through our comprehensive service offerings and rigorous, exacting standards. We only partner with companies that have trustworthy reputations and meet all our expectations. We connect with them before, during and after projects to check their work and ensure they’re doing their best every time. 

We’re not afraid to make suggestions to help them improve or let them know what you really think of their job, and if they don’t approve, we fire them and find another school cleaning company that will.

San Diego Commercial School Cleaning Services

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Cleaning for schools is challenging, important work. While many administrations are focused on innovating new learning strategies and creating better schools, our focus is on ensuring every building is pleasant, clean and safe. Get a free quote on our school cleaning services today, or contact us and learn more about how they work.

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Get in touch with our Commercial maintenance team to schedule a site visit, and we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours. We also provide phone quotes for same-day COVID disinfection services.

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