The cleanliness of school bathrooms is crucial for the health of students and staff. Both bacterial and viral infections can be transmitted via droplets on bathroom surfaces, and because of this, they should be meticulously cleaned every day. The commercial building management services pros from One Source, the experts in all types of commercial cleaning services San Diego businesses and organizations rely on to coordinate cleaning services that meet all their needs, offer this bathroom cleaning checklist for a school that can ensure a clean and safe environment.


Bathroom sinks in schools are considered high-touch areas. This means the surfaces of the handles are frequently touched and therefore prone to heavy microorganism contamination. In addition, students and faculty may use bathroom breaks to perform hygiene tasks such as washing their hands or faces and even brushing their teeth. The germs that can accumulate in the sink as a result of these activities can make people sick. Cleaning and disinfecting the faucet handles, faucets, and sinks with an approved commercial antimicrobial product will eliminate harmful germs and minimize the risk of illness.


The floors in school bathrooms can become sticky and dirty, holding on to grime and dust. They should be mopped with hot water and an approved disinfectant product, focusing on areas near the toilets and sinks. All standing water should be mopped up, and “wet floor” signs should be placed appropriately until the floor dries. 

The floors in school bathrooms should be cleaned after students and employees have gone home for the day. An exception to this recommendation is if a person has an accident in the bathroom or spills something on the floor. If this occurs, the floor should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Toilets & Stalls

Perhaps the most important step in school bathroom cleaning is toilet maintenance. The toilets and stalls need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure microorganisms, biological waste, and stains are removed from floors and toilets. The toilet bowl should be cleaned with a school-approved product and scrubbed with a firm scrub brush, focusing on stains in the bowl and under the rim. Further, both the tops and bottoms of the toilet seats should be cleaned with a nonabrasive cleanser and dried with a soft cloth. The toilet handles and toilet paper dispensers also need to be cleaned and sanitized, and the toilet paper rolls and seat cover dispensers need to be restocked regularly.


Mirrors can also harbor bacteria and viruses. In addition, they can become dirty as a result of dust and hairspray. Grime, dirt, and hairspray residue need to be removed frequently so they don’t build up and diminish the reflective property of the mirrors. After spraying the mirrors with a glass cleaner, wipe them down with a lint-free microfiber cloth, paper towels, or newspaper. 

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