Keeping your church clean shows respect, and maintaining a hygienic place to worship keeps everyone healthy so they can attend services in the future. Large churches often welcome people from both near and far who might visit their facilities. The combination of high levels of traffic and a diverse population of worshippers and guests can cause dirt to build up fast. Cleaning a large church requires making detailed plans that include the following strategies for keeping every surface sanitized and looking its best.

Create a Room-by-Room Cleaning Schedule

A large church will often have areas that are used heavily throughout the week, such as conference rooms and offices. There will also be areas parishioners might only use a couple of times a week. For instance, the nursery may only be open during group worship services or a special small group class. Making a schedule ensures the frequently used areas are cleaned on a daily basis while the areas with less traffic don’t get overlooked.

Emphasize Sanitation & Hygiene

Whether your church is visited by hundreds or thousands of people each week, you can bet there are germs circulating. To minimize outbreaks of illnesses, you’ll want to make sure the correct cleaning products are used to sanitize high-touch surfaces. Bathrooms, pews, door handles, and light switches should all be sanitized on a regular basis. You’ll also want to make sure nurseries and kitchen areas are cleaned using the best practices for sanitizing these areas.

Encourage Leaders & Members to Tidy Up

Most people who visit your church will want to do their part to keep things clean, but they may need some help. Making sure to leave basic cleaning supplies in areas where people will use them can encourage those who work or volunteer within your church to clean up. For instance, placing cleaning supplies in a labeled cabinet or pantry in the kitchen area will encourage anyone working in the space to clean up as they serve others. Placing trash receptacles in visible locations will also encourage people to dispose of their waste properly.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew

Even with a team of passionate volunteers and church leaders, your church still has ongoing cleaning needs that are best handled by professionals. A professional cleaning crew can take a look at your church’s current layout and weekly schedule to develop a maintenance routine that keeps every surface squeaky clean. They’ll also have the equipment necessary to deep clean the floors and fully sanitize the bathrooms. When they hire professional business cleaning services, San Diego churches can enjoy an extra level of assurance that their buildings are fresh, clean, and healthy spaces.

Remember to Arrange for Special Cleaning Projects

Churches often have special areas that require a delicate touch. For instance, you might need to arrange for a professional to wax, buff, and seal floors. Or you may need someone to carefully clean stained glass or delicate wood surfaces. When you hire a professional cleaning team, make sure to ask about their experience with churches. Working with a crew that knows how to complete special projects means no surface will be missed.

When they need professional janitorial services, San Diego churches can rely on One Source to be their single point of contact. We’ll coordinate all the details involved in making sure you receive the services of an outstanding church maintenance contractor you can trust to ensure your church is always up to the task of ministering to the community. Call us today at (858) 683-6287 to learn how we can make sure you receive the ongoing high-quality maintenance services you and your congregation deserve.