We understand the importance of helping our community. One Source supports local nonprofit organizations by donating money and volunteering company time for their humanitarian efforts. Some of the local organizations we support are listed below.

Commercial Office Maintenance Management for San Diego Businesses

Of all the facilities we coordinate commercial maintenance management plans for, office buildings represent more than half of them. That means we not only specialize in commercial office maintenance management but we also understand the specific pain points for office managers, business owners, and professionals because we’ve been in the business of coordinating commercial maintenance services for offices for years.

A few of their biggest complaints? Consistency tops the list, with cleaners cutting corners and growing complacent over time. That won’t be a problem when you work with us. We’ve worked with the independent contractors in our carefully screened network of vendors for a long time, and we only partner with those who continuously prove their commitment to exceeding expectations. Secondly, we create customized office maintenance management plans that ensure your cleaning contractors have the time and resources to get the job done the way it should be done. We also monitor the services they provide, making sure the cleaning quality is always outstanding.

One Source does commercial maintenance management a little differently. We coordinate services in a way that gives the office cleaning vendors the time they need to get the job done according to the scope of work, and we maintain consistency by keeping the same contractor there over the long term. We work with only the best independent contractors in the business, so when you partner with us, you can be sure you’ll receive nothing less than top-notch commercial maintenance cleaning services.

We’ll be your single point of contact for commercial cleaning services that address all of your office maintenance needs.

Office Carpet Commercial Maintenance Services

The carpets at your office are more than just a flooring system—they’re also an investment. With a complete office carpet care management plan coordinated by One Source, you can protect that investment, potentially extending carpet life spans at your building by several years. Every year, you can forgo carpet replacement and save tens of thousands of dollars that you can choose to invest elsewhere.

Office Restroom Commercial Maintenance Services

There’s nothing in an office that gets messier and dirtier than the bathrooms. We will source, screen, and maintain every aspect of the relationship with a commercial restroom maintenance contractor who will clean your office’s bathrooms from top to bottom every time they visit your facility. They will keep porcelain sparkling, chrome shining, and soap dispensers filled, all while thoroughly and disinfecting surfaces to eliminate odors and grime.

Office Day Porter Services

If your office’s restrooms require more than daily commercial maintenance, we can create a managed plan that includes dedicated day porter services designed to provide a higher level of service throughout the day. A day porter acts much like an internal employee, vacuuming, cleaning up messes, restocking bathrooms, and wiping down touchpoints during the workday so you don’t have to wait until the next morning to enjoy a cleaner office space.

Why Our Commercial Office Maintenance Management Services Are the Best in San Diego

Why Our Commercial Office Maintenance Management Services Are the Best in San Diego

When you partner with One Source, you’re taking the first step toward breaking free from the cycle of continually having to find a new office maintenance company every time service quality begins to degrade. That’s because One Source takes that responsibility on for you. We will source a commercial office maintenance contractor who’s just right for you, and we’ll handle all the details of the relationship, from paying the vendor to providing quality assurance oversight so you’re always completely satisfied with the services you receive. We’re locally owned and operated in San Diego, so we care more about keeping our current customers happy than we do about finding new ones.

Simplify Commercial Maintenance at Your Facility with Services that Get Better with Time

Our team works to develop a customized commercial maintenance management plan for your office with an approach designed to get better as our team learns the ins and outs of your facility.

American Forests

American Forests is an organization that strives to grow healthy and resilient forests from coast to coast. Since 1875, they’ve been developing forests that provide significant benefits for people, water, wildlife, and the climate.

By 2030, American Forests hopes to accomplish the following goals:

  • Plant four billion trees across sixteen million acres of land in North America
  • Obtain a passing Tree Equity Score for under-resourced neighborhoods in 100 American cities
  • Hire 100,000 professionals in the forestry industry, especially individuals from under- resourced communities
American Forests

How Do We Support American Forests?

The janitorial industry is known for its paper waste, which is why we want to give back to organizations in the forestry industry. Each year, we donate a portion of our company revenue to American Forests. Given the frequency of wildfires in the state of California, it’s the least we can do to support their efforts at creating a healthier and greener world.

House of Music

House of Music is a San Diego–based nonprofit that enriches the lives of children in areas where art and music supplies aren’t easily accessible. House of Music also teaches kids from low-income families how to play their instruments, giving them the opportunity to discover a passion for the arts. House of Music mentors also help students develop critical life skills that go beyond music.

House of Music
The House of Music

How Do We Support House of Music?

Last year, One Source was a sponsor of the House of Music Golf Tournament. In addition to the yearly tournament, House of Music hosts various charity events, such as the Temecula Salsa Festival and the South Bay Latin Music Festival. Proceeds from these events go toward music and art supplies along with various learning workshops.

I Love a Clean San Diego

If there’s anything we love, it’s a clean San Diego. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of I Love a Clean San Diego, a nonprofit that promotes a zero-waste, litter-free, and environmentally engaged community. This organization inspires community members to actively conserve and enhance the environment through outreach and local involvement.

How Do We Support I Love a Clean San Diego?

I Love a Clean San Diego is located right next door to One Source headquarters. They sponsor corporate events for businesses to clean filthy alleyways, pick up trash on beaches, and more. One Source has volunteered with them for many events, and we donate money to support their efforts.

Adopt a Highway

Adopt a Highway

Homegrown in California, Adopt a Highway was founded to integrate volunteer-based roadside cleanup with local business advertisements. With Adopt a Highway, small businesses can volunteer their time picking up trash on the side of highways. In return, the businesses are advertised on signs that face oncoming traffic on the highways they adopted.

How Do We Support Adopt a Highway?

One Source is a proud sponsor of Adopt a Highway. We recently adopted Freeways 15 & 52, and we’ll continue to clean that area. We’re honored to partner with a company that values cleanliness as much as we do.

MAAC’s vibrant housing communities are designed to provide affordable, safe, quality homes to working families across San Diego County.


In addition to providing stable housing, we connect residents to resource that improve their quality of life leading to better health, jobs, financial stability, and security.


This includes providing one-on-one coaching to address needs such as childcare, food assistance, financial education, mental health referrals, ar job training. In addition, we offer community-building activities to suppor residents’ overall health and well-being.


Our innovative approach to housing has claimed national recognition anc numerous awards. To date, MAAC has developed nearly 1,000 units of affordable housing across San Diego County.


How Do We Support MAAC?

We support MAAC by providing a variety of services, including cleaning, landscaping, and hard surface floor care to their 20 locations in North County. We donate services to them every month.

MAAC Providing Services

One Source Partners with Several Nonprofits in San Diego

San Diego Food Banks

San Diego Food Banks

Feeding San Diego

Feeding San Diego

Wahupa Educational Services

Wahupa Educational Services

Downtown San Diego Partnership

Downtown San Diego Partnership

We’re Always Looking for More Opportunities

As the best commercial maintenance company in San Diego, we take pride in making sure our efforts go further than our commercial maintenance services. We’re always looking for new ways to engage with San Diego nonprofit organizations, whether it’s through donations or volunteer opportunities. If you’re a nonprofit looking to establish partnerships, start the conversation by contacting us today.

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