One Source, Inc., is your support system for all your commercial cleaning needs in San Diego. We partner with the leading cleaning professionals in the state so that when you call us, we can respond immediately with floor cleaners, handymen, disinfectant teams and landscapers based on your needs. We hold the highest rating of any commercial cleaner in San Diego, and we’ll be happy to show you why. 

Whatever industry you work in, our network is ready to make your space that much cleaner for staff and clientele alike.

All-In-One Commercial Janitorial Services

Good, consistent cleaning services are hard to find. They may start out great, but over time, many businesses find the companies they outsource janitorial work to end up cutting corners or simply not working as effectively as usual. At One Source, we’re aware of this tendency, and we take a proactive approach to prevent our staff and partners from doing the same. 


We set high standards for ourselves and the people we outsource to. We also check in with our clients frequently to ensure we’re doing everything we can to keep them satisfied with our cleaning services. However you plan to make your space cleaner, we’ll be there to make it happen weekly, monthly or as often as you specify.

Concrete power washed cleaning services

Floor Cleaning

Your flooring experiences the most wear of any part of your building, and it demands a personalized care plan based on traffic levels, weather patterns and debris buildup. Whether your building has carpet flooringhard floors or a combination of both, our cleaners will ensure they stay in excellent shape.

Gone are the days of calling individual vendors, trying to get in touch with someone who can solve the problems you’re facing at any given time. You’ll only have one number to call when you have any issues, concerns, or questions, and you can rest assured we’ll handle it from there with consistent follow-up to ensure whatever comes up is dealt with in a timely manner.

Commercial Detail Cleaning

Our comprehensive services keep you covered from top to bottom. Our teams will find a way to remove even the most stuck-on debris and keep your property ready for service every day through janitorial services like disinfection, day porter treatmentspressure washing and junk removal.

High Pressure deep Cleaning - One Source Inc.

Other Commercial Services

We also maintain connections with a number of San Diego’s best specialty services for businesses. When you need landscaperswindow washers or handymen, let us know, and we’ll send them your way so that you can make a great impression on every front.

Request Commercial Cleaning in San Diego Today

As a business owner, property manager or other leader in your company, you have enough to think about in the day-to-day of your workflow. Let One Source handle all the work of keeping your property in great shape. When you reach out to us, we’ll take care of everything, ensuring your space is always clean and maintained to your standards. From the beginning, we’ll design a custom cleaning plan that caters to your needs. We have connections with the best vendors for all types of deep cleaning services so your commercial facility can thrive in style and cleanliness.


Request your quote today, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your first cleaning session. You can rest assured that we’ll take pride in our work every time we interact with your property.

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Get in touch with our Commercial maintenance team to schedule a site visit, and we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours. We also provide phone quotes for same-day COVID disinfection services.

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