One Source coordinates services provided by trusted independent vendors who offer everything from daily and weekly janitorial services to day porter services, commercial carpet and hard floor cleaning, commercial pressure washing, landscaping, window washing and handyman services so your facility looks its best inside and out.

A Single Point of Contact for the Best Commercial Maintenance Services in San Diego

One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients about their previous experiences with commercial cleaning service providers is a lack of consistency in the quality of services they receive. They may have been locked into long-term contracts at discounted rates with companies who claimed they could do everything well but ended up providing mediocre results across the board with constant problems.  They have also spent countless hours trying to source, screen, monitor, and handle the relationships with separate vendors who provided the different types of maintenance services they need creating confusion and inconsistency across the board.

One Source is committed to making sure that doesn’t happen to you. We strive to be the last and only commercial maintenance company you’ll need for high-quality commercial services in San Diego. To achieve that, we source, screen, and handle every aspect of maintaining relationships with exceptional vendors from our vetted network of independent professionals. We’ll develop a customized managed plan that suits your unique commercial maintenance needs, and we’ll handle everything from billing to paying the contractors in a timely manner to providing quality assurance to ensure the work is done to your complete satisfaction.

Gone are the days of calling individual vendors, trying to get in touch with someone who can solve the problems you’re facing at any given time. You’ll only have one number to call when you have any issues, concerns, or questions, and you can rest assured we’ll handle it from there with consistent follow up to ensure whatever comes up is dealt with in a timely manner with follow up to make sure you’re happy.

From daily to weekly services, we’ll be your single point of contact for commercial maintenance services that address most, if not all, of your facility’s needs.

Commercial Janitorial Services

We will work with you to create a managed plan for commercial janitorial services that cover all your major maintenance needs, and we’ll coordinate a schedule based on the demands of your operation. Depending on the foot traffic at your building, we generally recommend daily or weekly janitorial services. 

Day Porter Services

If you’re looking for a dedicated commercial maintenance expert at your facility every day to keep bathrooms stocked, touchpoints cleaned, and trash cans emptied, One Source will take care of every aspect of managing the relationship with a day porter service contractor who delivers just that. We take pride in the fact that our network of independent day porter service providers includes professionals who are frequently the first to arrive and the last to leave our partners’ facilities. 

Specialized Commercial Cleaning Services

While the above services cover the general commercial cleaning needs of most clients, we realize every facility is unique and may require specialized commercial cleaning services to look its best. That’s why our network of independent vendors includes specialized contractors who offer the following services.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

We source, screen, and coordinate the services of professional commercial carpet cleaning contractors who perform daily or weekly vacuuming and spot removal services which provide the easiest way to ensure carpets at any building look great and last for years to come. To extend their lifespan, we also partner with independent vendors who specialize in deep carpet extraction cleaning to remove buildup from normal wear and tear and who also provide bonnet carpet cleaning for taller pile rugs. While the average commercial carpet system lasts seven years, these types of focused carpet cleaning services can potentially extend that to a decade or more. 

Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Out of all the areas of your building, your hard floor systems require the most attention to protect your investment. With One Source, you won’t have to worry about making arrangements yourself for daily vacuuming and mopping which are the critical first steps in protecting hard surfaced flooring. Along with coordinating a plan for your general flooring maintenance needs, we can also develop a managed plan for a floor stripping and waxing schedule that minimizes overhead while protecting underlying floors.  We have teams that specialize in these services solely so you know you have experts on the job.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

While most commercial cleaning services are designed to keep the interior of your building maintained, commercial pressure washing services focus on making sure the exterior of your building looks as good on the outside as on the inside. We’ll coordinate with the best contractors in the industry for you, handling all the aspects involved in having experienced professionals provide you with exceptional pressure washing services to handle everything from graffiti removal and dumpster area cleaning to building exterior restoration without the need to repaint or repair.

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