Health care facilities are where people go when they aren’t feeling their best, giving them countless opportunities to exchange bacteria with other patients and staff. That’s why you need a commercial cleaning staff committed to the highest level of quality in their work. Discover the best solutions for all your cleaning and maintenance needs at once through One Source, the highest-rated janitorial service in San Diego.

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Local Facilities Maintained

Hospital Cleaning Services When You Need Them

One Source works with dozens of local cleaning companies to service more than 65 hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental centers, medical offices and other health care facilities. Our booking process is efficient and our schedule is flexible, allowing you to get the building services you need, right when you need them. 

Whether you’re looking for a cleaning team to manage a one-time event or a regular cleaning service for daily and weekly disinfection throughout all your locations, One Source knows just the people to help. We only hire businesses with impeccable reputations and stellar reviews to ensure your service is more than satisfactory.

Medical Cleaning Services in San Diego

What's Included in Our Medical Office Cleaning Services?

Many of our partnerships go back over a decade, and these close relationships help us leverage the best contract for you. Each of our licensed contractors is fully bonded and insured with proven track records in their fields, including:

  • Floor cleaning: Our floor cleaning teams are experts in working with both hard floors and carpets, removing grime and dirt to present a comfortable and polished appearance to your guests.
  • Disinfection: Proper and constant disinfection is perhaps more important in medical facilities than almost anywhere else. Our outsourced sanitation professionals will eliminate bacteria and viruses on high-touch surfaces, reducing the chances of spreading illnesses.
  • Janitorial services: One Source believes consistent cleaning services are essential to your business’s longevity. We only partner with janitorial companies that believe the same and are committed to constant, high-quality maintenance.
  • Maintenance: Our commercial handymen can take on most minor repairs, including leaky pipes, wall repair, painting and carpentry.

Why One Source?

One Source is the all-inclusive cleaning solution facilities like yours need. Simply tell us about your request and availability, and we’ll find the right crew to complete it. As a company, we hold ourselves to high standards for productivity and precision, and we extend those expectations to every service we outsource. If our vendor doesn’t do the job well enough for you, we’ll replace them with one who will.


Throughout our contract, we’ll stay in constant contact with you to ensure everything runs smoothly. We want to hear from you where we’re excelling and where we fall short so we can adjust our services to be exactly what you’re looking for.

healthcare maintenance services in San Diego

Connect With Our Medical Office Cleaning Companies Today

It’s your job to take care of your patients. Let us make sure you have a clean, comfortable space to do so. Connect with One Source today to learn more about our service offerings, or request a free quote from our communications team. 

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Get in touch with our Commercial maintenance team to schedule a site visit, and we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours. We also provide phone quotes for same-day COVID disinfection services.

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