One Source, Inc. coordinates services provided by independent vendors, including the best carpet cleaning in San Diego and surrounding areas. Our vendors offer everything from daily carpet vacuuming and spot removal to deep carpet extraction services so your flooring investment is protected and your facility looks polished day in and day out.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Services

Whether you operate a retail store or an office building, your facility’s floors represent a substantial investment, and no flooring system is more susceptible to daily wear and tear than your carpets. The floor is the single largest continuous surface in your business space, and you want to make sure every inch always looks great.

Maintaining fresh, spot-free carpets requires an ongoing commitment. If it’s not done properly, you run the risk of incurring damage that can be costly to repair and even more expensive to replace. To protect your investment without slowing your team down, One Source, Inc. will be your single point of contact for the coordination of daily carpet vacuuming services and spot removal to mitigate the effects of daily foot traffic, dirt buildup, and debris. For your deeper carpet cleaning needs, we can also create a managed plan for deep extraction carpet services.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning - One Source Inc.

Daily Business Carpet Maintenance Services

If you have carpet at your facility that gets heavy traffic throughout the day, only daily carpet maintenance services will keep your floors looking their best. Consider how quickly dirt and grime collects on the carpets at your home. Now imagine how rapidly they’d get filthy if you had dozens of people walking through your home every day. Not only would you have to vacuum daily, but you’d also have to take other preventative measures, such as carpet stain and spot removal.

Your business’s high-traffic carpeted surfaces need to be maintained by carpet cleaning experts. If you try to cut corners on carpeting maintenance, you could experience serious problems that end up costing much more in the long run, so it’s best to have San Diego carpet cleaning professionals who make sure your floor stays protected and looks fantastic.

One Source, Inc. will take care of every aspect of managing the relationship with a contractor who specializes in daily carpet cleaning and maintenance services, including daily vacuuming along with ongoing spot and stain removal.

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Office Carpet Cleaning - One Source Inc.

Deep Extraction Carpet Maintenance

Daily carpet maintenance is arguably the most effective way to keep your carpets protected and looking fresh for years to come, but even daily vacuuming and spot removal can only get you so far. Even with regular vacuuming and spot removal, grit and grime work their way down deeper into carpet fibers over time—too deep for vacuums to suck up. That’s when you need deep extraction carpet services in San Diego to keep your floors protected.

When you partner with One Source, Inc., you’ll enjoy the ease of having only one main point of contact for services provided by experienced independent contractors who use high pressure washing and extraction machines to inject hot water and maintenance materials deep into carpet fibers and then suck it up with a two-stage motor so carpets dry quickly. We also coordinate service plans with vendors who offer bonnet carpet maintenance services with pads that are better suited for taller-pile rug maintenance.

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