A church is a sanctuary where visitors should be able to step away from the outside world and enjoy a sense of spiritual renewal. Although most congregants do what they can to keep their churches clean, religious facilities are still public spaces where dirt accumulates over time. Making sure these church housekeeping duties are performed ensures everyone has a safe and comfortable place to practice their beliefs.

Clean All Floor Types

Churches often have multiple flooring types throughout their facilities. Carpet might add a touch of softness and noise control in the main sanctuary and hallways. Hard flooring might be used in nurseries and Sunday School rooms to make it easier to clean up crumbs and spills. Due to the sheer size of the spaces and the types of flooring that may require special care, many churches outsource floor cleaning to professionals who know how to sweep, mop, wax, and buff every surface. When they hire professional business cleaning services, San Diego churches can rest assured their floors will be cared for properly.

Wipe Down Pews & the Altar

The sanctuary often includes seating and worship areas that also require special care. Wooden church pews and altars typically need to be wiped down after every major service, and it may be necessary to polish these areas to prevent dust accumulation and wear and tear. Fabric pew seats may also need spot cleaning and stain removal on an as-needed basis.

Sanitize the Kitchen & Children’s Areas

Parents may dress their kids in their Sunday best, but children can still bring in a lot of dirt. Many Sunday School and nursery programs serve snacks, which can lead to some serious messes on the floor and tables. Nurseries may also need changing stations to be sanitized, and churches with kitchens will also need these areas to be deep cleaned regularly, especially after major functions.

Scrub & Disinfect Restrooms

Restroom cleaning in churches can get complicated, since some areas may rarely be used until there’s suddenly a large amount of traffic during a worship service or event. Meanwhile, restrooms for the office staff may receive daily use that increases the need for cleaning. Working with a cleaning crew to develop an effective restroom disinfection schedule is your best option for making sure these areas stay pristine.

Disinfect Common Touch Points

Similar to other public buildings, certain parts of a church are guaranteed to be filled with germs. Doorknobs, doorplates, light switches, and the arms of chairs are all areas you can expect to need to disinfect. You might also prefer to have someone disinfect offering and communion plates, hymnals, and other items worshipers tend to pass around or share.

Maintain the Office Areas & Lobby

General office and lobby cleaning for churches often looks a lot like what you would see in any other type of workplace. The trash might need to be taken out on a daily basis. Shelves and other storage areas may need to be dusted and straightened up. Large windows and glass doors will also need cleaning to remove fingerprints and allow the light in to increase productivity.

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