Learning can be more challenging for students if they’re in untidy and dirty school environments. Instead of focusing on their lessons, students might be distracted by the messy classrooms, hallways, restrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and other spaces. Therefore, your school building should be cleaned regularly to optimize the learning environment and ensure the safety of students. Failing to do so could lead to a bad reputation and make it challenging to keep children enrolled and educators on the team. Below, the pros from One Source, the experts in all types of commercial cleaning San Diego businesses and organizations trust to coordinate high-quality cleaning services, explain why school buildings need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Teach Good Health Habits

Schools do more than teach students math, science, English, and other subjects. These environments can also instill healthy habits and teach kids what to avoid, such as dirty living environments. By seeing schools cleaned regularly, students can adopt these habits and clean at home, helping their families maintain healthier living spaces. These good habits can follow the students into adulthood and reduce the risk of poor health. 

Lead to Better Equipment Operation

Maximizing students’ learning should be educational professionals’ top concern, which is why keeping equipment clean is essential. Over time, dirt and dust will accumulate on machines, such as computers and projection screens, decreasing the accuracy and performance of these products. Janitorial cleaning professionals can eliminate dust and wash down equipment as necessary, allowing the products to work more effectively and efficiently.

Professionals will remove contaminants that also impact the health of students, teachers, and other individuals operating the equipment. Grease buildup can increase the odds of accidents and injuries, making the school space a dangerous health risk. However, cleaning the machines could prevent such issues.

Lower the Risk of Illnesses

Unkempt schools can lead to more bacteria circulation, resulting in illnesses among students, teachers, and staff. Hiring a janitorial company to come into the school to clean regularly can prevent sickness. Doorknobs, desks, learning stations, computers, pens, pencils, and other supplies are accessed by countless students each day, meaning various germs travel throughout the building. Failing to have these areas cleaned could lead to more sick days and negatively affect children’s learning abilities, making it challenging to keep up with schoolwork at home while healing from illnesses.

Foster Positive Relationships among Parents & School Professionals

When school conditions are unsafe, parents and educational providers often fail to get along, and negative relationships among the adults in their lives could affect the children. The objective is for parents to feel confident sending their kids to school each day without worrying about poor hygiene and potential health risks.

Many parents will view hiring janitorial services as a simple task, so when educational institutions fail to do so, parents will feel the schools undervalue their children’s health and safety. A clean school can boost parental confidence and encourage parents to stay involved with classroom assistance, after-school programming, and more instead of withdrawing their children and looking for more hygienic learning environments.

One Source is the only point of contact schools need for the coordination of exceptional commercial cleaning services. We will create a managed plan tailored for your school and coordinate every element involved to ensure you receive the high-quality services your students need to stay safe and healthy. Whether you need daily restroom maintenance or late-night commercial maintenance services after a big event, we’ll handle it all for you. When it comes to schools cleaning, San Diego education professionals can rest assured we’ll take care of all the details, and we offer the flexibility to schedule services whenever they’re needed. Call our commercial maintenance team at (858) 260-1090 to schedule a site visit, and we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours.