Property owners and managers are well aware of the importance of regular office cleaning, but it can be difficult to figure out the right schedule when people are constantly busy with their work. On one hand, cleaning during the day can keep those minor messes at bay. Yet scouring the building at night gives everyone a fresh start for the new workday. Figuring out whether you need to plan for nighttime cleaning services involves thinking about how your company’s employees spend their workdays.

Maintain a User-Friendly Environment during the Day

Office workers often hurry to the restroom or break room between appointments and meetings, which can sometimes leave little time to clean up minor spills. While everyone may try to do their part to keep conference rooms and kitchenettes clean, they may not always stop to wipe down tables or the inside of the microwave. Having a cleaning person on hand can cut down on minor messes that might slow down your employees and put off potential clients. With the benefit of professionals who provide commercial cleaning San Diego businesses can ensure their spaces remain clean and tidy throughout the day.

Plan for Handling Emergency Cleaning Needs

Many office emergencies require professional cleaning. An overflowing toilet creates an environmental health hazard. A spilled drink on the carpet could pose the risk of staining if it’s not cleaned up properly. Since office staff may lack the knowledge or time to do proper cleaning, it’s also handy to have a cleaning crew available that can step in and deal with emergency messes. 

Minimize Disruptions with Nighttime Cleaning

Daytime cleaning has its benefits, but there’s nothing worse than having a vacuum cleaner whirring in the background while someone is involved in a virtual meeting or a phone call. Waiting to do loud or disruptive tasks at night gives your employees the opportunity to work without distractions. Deep cleaning tasks, such as buffing floors, cleaning the windows, and sanitizing the bathrooms, all tend to go better when they’re done at night.

Use Strong Chemicals Outside of Normal Work Hours

Occasionally, cleaning technicians must use harsh chemicals to sanitize parts of a building, and those chemicals could generate irritating fumes. Cleaning crews often wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for these types of deep cleanings, but PPE may not be accessible to your employees or reasonable for them to wear. Since bleach can lead to respiratory reactions, you might choose to leave the heavy-duty cleaning for the nighttime hours, when the office is empty.

Create a Dual-Schedule Cleaning Plan

Many office managers find that daytime and nighttime cleanings each have their advantages. Setting up a schedule that includes both is a great way to get the most benefits from the cleaning services. You might also be able to plan for deep cleanings to occur on the weekend, when the office has little to no traffic. Choosing a the cleaning company san diego that will work with your building’s schedule allows you to have more control over planning the services.

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