Maintaining a clean and hygienic gym isn’t only essential for the health and wellbeing of your members but also for the overall reputation of your fitness facility. While daily cleaning is crucial, there are certain areas and equipment that demand special attention on a weekly basis. Keep reading as the pros at One Source, the experts in all types of commercial cleaning San Diego businesses trust to coordinate cleaning services that meet their unique needs, explore what must be cleaned weekly in a gym to ensure a safe and inviting workout environment for everyone.

The Importance of Weekly Cleaning

Regular cleaning in a gym goes beyond aesthetics—it’s a matter of health and safety. High-traffic gyms can become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, and failing to address this can lead to health risks and member dissatisfaction. Weekly cleaning prevents the buildup of grime and bacteria, making it a necessary part of gym maintenance.

The primary benefits of weekly cleaning include:

  • Health and hygiene – Regular cleaning reduces the risk of infections and the spread of illnesses within your gym. It provides a healthier environment for your members and staff.
  • Member satisfaction – A clean gym is a happy gym. Members are more likely to enjoy their workouts and continue their memberships when they see the effort put into maintaining a clean space.
  • Equipment longevity – Cleaning and maintaining gym equipment on a weekly basis can prolong its life span, saving you money on replacements or repairs.
  • Reputation – A clean gym has a positive reputation. Word of mouth can go a long way toward attracting new members.

Cardio Machines

Cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes see a lot of action throughout the week. Working out on these machines can leave behind a residue of sweat and bacteria. Wipe down the consoles, handles, and seats with a disinfectant cleaner to prevent the spread of germs.

Weight Machines & Free Weights

Weight machines and free weights can accumulate dirt and sweat from numerous users. Dust, wipe, and disinfect these areas to keep them safe for handling. Ensure the weight stacks are checked for any loose or damaged parts.

Floor & Mats

Gym floors and mats are hotspots for dirt, sweat, and bacteria. Sweeping and mopping the gym floor will keep it clean. Mats should be disinfected to prevent foul odors and maintain hygiene.

Locker Rooms & Showers

Locker rooms are breeding grounds for bacteria, given the communal use of these spaces. Weekly cleaning should include disinfecting lockers, benches, and shower stalls. Pay close attention to areas with high moisture content, as these are particularly susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

Bathroom Facilities

Just like locker rooms, bathrooms need special attention. Regularly clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, and mirrors. Make sure soap dispensers are refilled and toilet paper is restocked.

Water Fountains

Water fountains are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Regularly clean and disinfect the spouts and buttons to ensure members have access to clean, safe drinking water.

Mirrors & Glass Surfaces

Gym mirrors can quickly accumulate smudges and fingerprints. Regularly clean these surfaces to maintain a visually appealing and motivating gym environment.

Air Vents & Fans

Air circulation is crucial in a gym, but it can also spread dust and bacteria. Wipe down vents and fans to prevent the accumulation of dirt and improve air quality.


Gym windows aren’t just for aesthetics—they provide natural light and energy to the space. Regularly clean windows to let in the sunshine and keep the gym bright and inviting.

Tips & Best Practices

Here are some tips and best practices to make weekly cleaning easier and more effective:

  • Assign different cleaning tasks to different staff members, and rotate them regularly to avoid fatigue and boredom.
  • Create a checklist of all the areas and items that need to be cleaned weekly, and mark them off as they’re completed.
  • Use color-coded cloths or sponges for different areas or surfaces to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Use disposable cloths or paper towels whenever possible to reduce the risk of spreading germs.
  • Use microfiber cloths instead of cotton cloths for better cleaning performance and less lint.
  • Use spray bottles instead of buckets for applying cleaners and disinfectants to reduce waste and spillage.
  • Dilute bleach with water according to the label directions if using it as a disinfectant, and never mix it with ammonia or other chemicals because it can produce toxic fumes.
  • Ventilate the gym well during and after cleaning to avoid inhaling harmful vapors or dust.
  • Wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles when handling cleaners and disinfectants to avoid skin irritation or eye damage.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after cleaning to prevent infection.

Weekly cleaning is an essential part of gym maintenance. Neglecting it can lead to health hazards, dissatisfied members, and a tarnished reputation. By following this weekly gym cleaning checklist, you can create a clean, hygienic, and inviting environment that promotes health, wellbeing, and member satisfaction. A clean gym isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity for the success of your fitness facility.

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