Gleaming floors welcome and uplift students, school staff, and visitors. By keeping the floors well maintained, you foster the health and safety of everyone in your facility. Below, the pros from One Source, the experts in all types of professional commercial cleaning san diego businesses and organizations trust to coordinate high-quality cleaning services, discuss professional cleaning practices for specific school areas and types of flooring.

School Entrances

Station high-performance mats at school entryways. A bi-level mat has two layers, a rough top to dislodge water and debris and a lower layer to collect them. Since the reservoir lies below shoe level, it prevents dirt being tracked inside your building.

In a high-quality bi-level mat, the top has reinforcing material, such as rubber, adding durability. Also preferable are slanted edges to avert trips and falls.

At day’s end, a cleaning service can sweep and mop your floors. The staff will also vacuum and deep clean the mats. Before the start of each school year, replace any worn-out matting.

Classrooms & Hallways

In these areas, keep hard-surface floors clean with daily sweeping and nightly wet mopping. The best times to scrub and burnish the floors are on weekends and during school breaks.

Burnishing involves using a high-speed janitorial machine to restore the shine on finished floors. Moreover, burnishing removes embedded grime and scuff marks.

Also, schedule floor stripping and refinishing during spring and summer breaks.


Gym flooring varies in construction. The most common materials are wood, synthetics, and resilient vinyl tile. A school janitorial service will use the proper cleaning methods for your particular floor structure. For instance, a high-visibility sweeping compound absorbs dirt while protecting floors from scratches. Yet burnishing synthetic gym floors will ruin them. 

Professionals who provide gym cleaning service san diego know how to customize their procedures to avoid damaging your school property. Professional floor care entails daily wet mopping, eliminating the dirt and grit that can mar gym flooring. On wood and resilient tile, monthly burnishing removes scuffs while restoring radiance. Gym floor stripping and refinishing should take place during school breaks. You can further protect floor surfaces with bi-level mats outside and inside the gym entrances.

Locker Rooms & Restrooms

On the floors in these rooms, bacteria and viruses can breed quickly, infecting students and staff members. Spray-and-vac floor cleaning is ideal for eliminating such germs. This method uses a machine equipped with a spray gun, a hose, and a vacuum. Here are the steps a cleaning service will follow:

  • Apply a cleaning solution on the floor with the spray gun. School janitorial services use hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants.
  • Clear the hose and floor of the cleaning solution with a low-pressure water stream.
  • Scrub the floor with a deck brush followed by high-pressure rinsing.
  • Vacuum the floor, suctioning the cleaning solution, dirt, and pathogens.

In locker rooms, sweat proteins accumulate in shower drains, creating unpleasant smells. Enzyme-based cleaners banish them. Promote safe footing on locker room floors with slip-resistant bi-level mats.

School Kitchen & Cafeteria

Where cooking and eating occur, greasy floors follow, potentially causing falls. Additionally, grease can stick to shoes, where it will be carried to other floors and make them slippery.

During school hours, ask the maintenance staff to monitor the areas and promptly remove any litter, spilled beverages, and food scraps. Emphasize caution when damp mopping around electrical equipment to avoid shocks. After hours, have a cleaning service sweep, scrub, and mop the floors using a degreaser.


More schools are installing carpeting in their classrooms, libraries, and faculty break rooms. Unlike hard-surface floors, carpeted floors can reduce noise and energy consumption. Still, such flooring can harbor dirt, dust, and allergens. Thus, school carpets need daily vacuuming.

Encapsulation cleaning is also necessary to target stains and grime, eradicating them quickly. With this method, carpeting is treated with a low-moisture shampoo containing an acrylic polymer. The chemical crystallizes the soil particles, releasing them from the carpet fibers. In approximately an hour, the shampoo dries. Next, the carpet is vacuumed, removing the dirt, stains, and chemical residue.

During school breaks, it’s a good idea to have the carpets cleaned thoroughly with a hot water extraction machine.

One Source is the only point of contact you need for outstanding school commercial maintenance services. We will develop a managed plan customized for your school, coordinating every element involved to ensure you receive the high-quality services your students and staff need to stay safe and healthy. Whether you need regular floor care or daily restroom commercial maintenance, we’re the only call you’ll need to make. When it comes to school cleaning services education professionals can rely on us to take care of all the details, and we offer the flexibility to schedule services whenever they’re needed. Call our commercial maintenance team at (858) 260-1090 to schedule a site visit, and we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours.