Proper restroom sanitation is important for preventing the spread of communicable diseases in school environments. Both students and educators feel more comfortable using clean restrooms, and keeping your facility clean highlights the pride your student body has in their school. Most people know bathrooms should be cleaned regularly, but you might be wondering exactly how often cleanings need to happen. The commercial building management services pros from One Source, the experts in all types of commercial cleaning san diego businesses and organizations rely on to coordinate cleaning services that meet all their needs, offer the following guide to help you plan an effective restroom cleaning schedule for your educational facility.

Understand the Basics of School Restroom Sanitation

Simply wiping down the toilets and sinks isn’t enough to sanitize a school restroom. Although these areas are important to keep clean, you’ll also need to make sure the doorknobs and locking latches are regularly sanitized. Trash bins for paper towels and sanitary products will also need to be emptied and washed out. Napkin holders, sink knobs, and air dryer controls are additional high-touch areas that need cleaning, along with the floors and mirrors.

Plan on Deep Cleanings at Least Once a Day

In a busy school environment, it might not be possible to do a full bathroom cleaning multiple times each day. Many schools arrange for nighttime services that provide cleaning professionals with more time to fully scrub and sanitize each surface. The after-school hours are the perfect time to mop floors, scour toilets and sinks, and wash out trash bins that accumulate debris.

Freshen Toilets & Sinks Multiple Times a Day

Even with daily deep cleanings, you’ll find the bathrooms need freshening up at various points during each day. A daytime school cleaning crew can go into bathrooms after each class uses them to check for areas that need cleaning, such as the toilet seats. They can also sweep up debris from the floor.

Consider the Age & Number of People Using the Space

Naturally, a staff bathroom will need less frequent cleaning than a restroom designated for a room full of kindergarteners. As a general rule, younger students tend to make more messes because they’re still developing their coordination skills and the ability to remember common hygiene habits. For elementary school bathrooms, you’ll want to ensure someone is checking the restroom’s cleanliness multiple times a day. Having someone on hand to respond to reports of problems is also beneficial for maintaining a sanitary environment.

Help Students Maintain Clean Restrooms

Even high schoolers may still be learning how to maintain proper sanitation practices in a public restroom, and you can help them do their part by implementing a few simple strategies. Automatic soap dispensers can reduce the problem of students taking too much and spilling it on the surface. You can also use age-appropriate signage to remind everyone to put paper towels in the trash can or flush the toilet when they’re done. Getting everyone involved in maintaining a sanitary environment makes it easier for the sanitation crew to keep each restroom as clean as possible. 

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