Commercial cleaning services are critical for maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment. In most busy offices, employees simply don’t have the time to scour countertops in the break room or vacuum the floor around their desks. Plus, professional cleaners know how to efficiently clean and sanitize surfaces without disrupting your company’s normal business operations. Figuring out how often you need the office building to be cleaned helps you know what to ask for when you make arrangements for professional cleaning services.

Consider the Need to Make a Good First Impression

If your company’s employees welcome guests into the building, you’ll want to be extra cautious about the cleanliness of all of the visible areas in the office. The lobby gives guests one of their first impressions of how a company runs its business, and with the benefit of commercial cleaning service, San Diego businesses can ensure the main entrances to their buildings are pristine. Making sure the décor is dust free and the walkways are free of debris lets customers and clients know your company cares about maintaining high standards in every aspect of your team’s work.

Think about the Size of the Space

People think larger offices need more frequent cleaning, which is often true. But you’ll also want to remember that small offices can collect clutter and dirt faster. For instance, having several employees share a bathroom or conference room means these spaces will receive more frequent use that contributes to more grime. Making arrangements to have these areas cleaned more often can keep everything tidy.

Factor in the Number of Employees

A couple of employees working in the office will typically create less of a mess than dozens of people moving around the space. This is especially true regarding high-use areas such as the break room, where people will be throwing items in the trash or making their lunches. If your office building hosts a large number of employees, you’ll need to consider having a cleaning crew perform services on a daily basis.

Create a Schedule for Different Types of Cleaning

Similar to your personal housekeeping schedule, there are certain types of cleaning that need to be done more often than others. Take a moment to think about the various activities that take place in the office building and the kinds of messes they create. For example, you might need daily cleaning services for the break room, where people leave dishes in the sink and generate large amounts of food trash. Meanwhile, you might only need a professional cleaning service to vacuum floors with light traffic once a week. Most offices will also need deep cleaning services periodically. A commercial cleaning company can take a look at your office building and let you know when to arrange for help with shampooing carpets or waxing the tile floors.

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