A successful workplace is easier to maintain when the office is clutter free, clean, and well organized. When the area is clean, your team can better manage their workflow and experience fewer health problems while boosting your reputation among visitors and clients. Therefore, you should make a checklist of the most critical aspects of cleaning an office and ensure that list is followed correctly. By taking advantage of services provided by commercial cleaning companies san diego businesses can make maintaining a tidy office less hectic and give team members a better sense of functionality.

Vacuum the Floors

Some of the dirtiest items in an office are rugs and carpets, especially those near the entranceways and exits. Carpet fibers attach to dirt, pulling it deeper into the carpet or accessories like rugs. When carpets and rugs cannot trap the grit, the office becomes dirtier. However, vacuuming the floors regularly can free the floor of grime, making it cleaner for extended periods.

Wash the Windows

Clean windows can boost staff productivity and lead to increased business. Window washing can remove salt, dirt, and other particles from the glass, making it easier to work. Some of your employees may have allergies or asthma and could experience additional breathing problems associated with dirty window screens, latches, and ledges.

You can also save money in winter when windows remain clean, since heating efficiency improves and energy bills decrease. When you hire professionals to come into the office to wash the windows, they know what type of products to use, which is essential in removing minerals and preventing glass deterioration.

Clean the Bathrooms

Reducing the risk of viruses like hepatitis and salmonella is easier to achieve when you maintain clean bathrooms. To achieve this, you must keep the toilets, faucets, sinks, door handles, countertops, and other equipment or touch services clean and disinfected. Create a checklist to ensure everything is cleaned accordingly. For example, emptying trash cans, sanitizing the toilets and sinks, and washing down walls should be done regularly.

Mopping the floors could also remove dirt that gets tracked from room to room, spreading grit and grime throughout the office. To make the bathrooms cleaner and less likely to harbor viruses, it’s necessary to use disinfectant products and not just water.

Tidy the Break Rooms

Promote stellar hygiene throughout each area of the office, which includes maintaining a well-organized and clean break room. Staff members can consume their meals without being surrounded by dirty tables and unclean air.

Poor break room maintenance could lead to contaminated appliances, dirt transported on shoes and bags, and the proliferation of viruses. Although most employees will clean up after themselves, thorough cleaning should be done regularly by professional janitorial service providers.

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